What United Way Does

United Way's mission is to increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another. We think every resident in our counties should feel financially stable. Every child in our school districts should have a good education. Every community should be healthy and strong.

To that end, United Way does more than "just raise money" to support direct-service partners.

An important part of our work is building coalitions of multi-sector partnerships. We recruit people and organizations with ideas, passion, and expertise to get things done. We facilitate non-traditional partners coming together to identify resources and service gaps.

United Way does a lot of things at a lot of levels to advance the common good in our community. United Way:

  • Amplifies the good work being done by social service agencies to change the lives of individuals.
  • Changes the lives of populations by investing in community-wide impact programs.
  • Changes the lives of communities through initiatives like Breaking the Cycle of Childhood Poverty and 2-1-1
  • Leads and challenges the community to find the root causes of our community’s most pressing problems, dig them out and remove them.
  • Provides strategic planning for our social service system.

With our partners (anyone who can help), we develop multi-year population-level change strategies. Our goals are pretty bold. But if you join us, we can reach them together.