Give an hour.  Give a Saturday.  Give your best. 

We all have special talents.  Things we can do to help. 

When we reach out to one, we influence the condition of all. 


Why it matters

  • Giving your time is as valuable as giving your money and sometimes easier (especially for college students and young adults).

  • There are not enough monetary resources to pay staff for all of the good works that need to be done.

  • Volunteering time and talent helps you discover your passion. Sometimes, you can find a calling about how to serve people you care about.  

  • Serving one another freely strengthens and deepens our bonds of community.

  • Serving people in circumstances that differ from yours helps you see your neighbors, rather than stereotypes.

  • Volunteering is a valuable opportunity to interact with folks different from yourself, who might just give you an unexpected gift of a good story, a newfound perspective or a bit of hard-won wisdom.

  • People need to know that others care about them. For some people - foster children, homebound adults, prisoners - the only caring touch they ever receive is from a volunteer. You have the power to give dignity and worth to others by giving them a voice in court, a hot meal, or the gift of time sharing a song and a word of encouragement.


Get plugged in

Form a team for United Way's Annual Day of Caring

Launched in 1994, the Day of Caring is United Way's signature volunteer event. It benefits local non-profit agencies while helping businesses and others achieve their philanthropic goals.

United Way connects teams of volunteers with local non-profit agencies to complete projects that could not otherwise get done for a community-wide day of service. Teams are employees of local businesses, groups of students, friends or neighbors who get together to give back. Day of Caring projects include: painting, yard work, light construction and similar team efforts.

Many people have difficulty finding time to volunteer outside of work hours, but still have a great interest in volunteering. Day of Caring allows work groups to volunteer during work hours, thereby creating a team-building exercise while providing much needed labor to local non-profit agencies.

Get more details about United Way Day of Caring.


Find a project year-round at JustServe.org

JustServe matches faith, nonprofit, community and governmental organizations that need volunteers with people willing to help. JustServe.org links you to service opportunities in our community so you can make a difference wherever you are and however you want to serve. To find a project, visit justserve.org and search by your zip code.


Connect directly with a local service agency

United Way partners regularly with many agencies. But this is by no means an exhaustive list of all the great organizations in our community that work in service to others. Please contact us if you need help finding a "just right for you" volunteer opportunity. We'll do our best to help!