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United Way of Benton & Lincoln Counties is an independent 501(c)(3) organization founded and governed by local volunteers to help people in our community.

We are also a member of United Way Worldwide and annually complete certification of strict membership requirements that include:

  • Tax-Exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as well as corresponding provisions of other applicable state, local or foreign laws or regulations.
  • Governance by an active, responsible, and local voluntary governing board that ensures effective governance over the policies and financial resources of the organization.
  • Code of Ethics has been developed and adopted for all volunteers and staff that includes provisions for full and fair disclosure.
  • Diversity and Inclusion policies/statements/practices have been adopted to ensure volunteers and staff broadly reflect the diversity of  the Benton and Lincoln Counties we serve.
  • Financial Accountability as demonstrated through an annual financial audit conducted by an independent certified public accountant whose examination complies with generally accepted auditing standards and GAAP. Additionally, the organization maintains a finance committee which routinely reviews financial performance and accountability issues.
  • Performance Excellence — every three years, United Ways conduct self-assessments of grant-funded programs' governance, financial management and impact in the community.
  • Public Reporting and Disclosure each year by annually filing the IRS Form 990 in a timely manner and providing the IRS Form 990 on our website, at our office, or upon request. United Way of Benton & Lincoln Counties also submits to United Way Worldwide a report of the total resources generated (annual fundraising campaign plus other resources such as in-kind donations and proceeds from special events). This report must be completed according to a policy that ensures an accurate, unduplicated national accounting for the United Way system.
  • Legal compliance with all applicable local, state and federal operating and reporting requirements (e.g., nondiscrimination, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, USA Patriot Act.)
  • Support the United Way Network — United Way of the Benton & Lincoln Counties pays an annual fee to United Way Worldwide according to the membership investment formula and follows standards to use United Way's trademarks.