Support 2-1-1

June 21st is United Way's National Day of Action. This year, we're asking you to get involved in a valuable service called 2-1-1.

For the millions of Americans needing help every day - from locating financial assistance, to finding quality health care and insurance for kids -
2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember phone number answered by professionals who will connect those in need to essential community resources.

Today, 2-1-1 covers 81% of the USA and 30% of Canada, helping more than 16 million people in 2009. People in our community need help right now, and you can get involved simply by spreading the word about 2-1-1 or by volunteering. Find your 2-1-1
here and volunteer to help answer the call!

In recognition of 2-1-1's importance both year-round and in times of disaster, the Calling for 2-1-1 Act (S.211/H.R.211) is before Congress. The bill currently has 234 co-sponsors in the House and 59 in the Senate and is at a crucial stage. You can help by contacting your Members of Congress and encouraging them to pass the bill. Click
for more details!

Thank you for your work to advance the common good and your support of United Way.