Mission, Vision, Values

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Our Mission: to increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another.


Increase      To improve, to grow, to make better; it implies measurement, data, substantiation, proofs.


Organized   Coordinated, collaborative, partnerships with specific goals and milestones

Capacity       Resources for achieving community-wide change, including but not limited to: volunteers; ideas; internal and external relationships; workplace partners; service partners; trust; credibility; collaborations; partnerships; outreach; time; passion; care; commitment; drive; in-kind contributions, and money.


People         Everyone - customers of United Way and other agencies, donors, companies, employees, retirees, volunteers, stakeholders, thought leaders, mentors, your neighbors and friends, you!


Care             Care is the operative verb at the heart of our mission. It is a call to action. Care means to look after or provide for the needs of others. To care is to attach importance to others, to take action assuring they have what they need for their health and well-being. Caring within the context of the United Way community means to look after our neighbors, all of our neighbors, and to create conditions to provide for all their well-being.

For one another      Great things happen when we LIVE UNITED!


Our Vision: 

United Way is a mobilizer, a catalyst for community change; we are leaders in the business of caring. United Way advances the common good, creating opportunities for individuals and families to achieve their potential through academic success, financial stability, and healthy lives.

Benton County and Lincoln County each contain cohesive communities whose residents have the tools necessary for living happy, healthy and productive lives. United Way's mission is to increase their organized capacity to do so.

Our Values: 

United Way seeks community-wide ownership of community-wide change, securing families to strengthen communities. To those ends we pledge:

A commitment to community success. We inspire action to ensure each among us succeeds.

Accountability and transparency. We are open and trusted stewards, accounting for our actions and measuring against best practices.

Inclusiveness. We advance our mission to improve lives by using the skills, talents and resources representative of the entire community.

Customer-centered relationships. We create incomparable customer experiences, conducting business with integrity and responsiveness beyond reproach.

Innovation. We promote creativity and flexibility, encouraging ideas and rewarding risk, in all aspects of the United Way experience.

Operational excellence and continuous improvement. We constantly strive to create efficiencies and improve process linkages to streamline our business practices.