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United Way serving Linn, Benton & Lincoln Counties 

Meeting Basic Needs

Our Goal

Our mission is simple - increase the organized capacity of people in Benton & Lincoln Counties to care for one another. The work begins with helping families meet their basic needs. Once basic needs are met, families are less likely to fall into chronic poverty, and have more opportunities to move up the ladder, instead of just hanging on.

Our community's long-term success depends on how we can increase that capacity - by preventing chronic problems from happening. 

Nevertheless, there are still Basic Needs to meet today - hunger, homelessness, safety, health care, educational supports and more. United Way invests a substantial amount of resources each year in emergency and transitional services both for individuals and families in crisis and those living in chronic poverty. Investments are made by county, specifically from resources mobilized in that county. Your local donations truly remain local!

In Benton County, funding priorities are based on Corvallis City Policy CP 00-6.05 section 6.05.050. Lincoln County priorities are based on Granting Committee deliberations, and local assessment tools. Assessments, research, deliberations and recommendations are all managed by community volunteers.

Benton County Application Key Dates

Lincoln County Application Key Dates

Final Report Narative Benton 

Final Report Narative Lincoln 

Final Report Instructions 

2019-2020 Benton & Lincoln Funding Application

Community Impact Grant Process