Day of Caring


Working Together

Day of Caring brings together business leaders, campaign champions, nonprofit partners and volunteers across Benton County to work on service projects that will make an impact. Working together and fostering team-building within our communities exemplifies our LIVE UNITED spirit and builds excitement for giving back, both through time and donations. From sorting food to installing playground equipment to packaging curriculum and materials that empowers girls, there's an opportunity for everyone. Even though Day of Caring is the biggest volunteer event in Benton County (with almost 600 volunteers), we'll take all the help we can get, so bring a freind (or two!), and gather your coworkers.


Congratulations to Sierra Rawson!
2016 T-Shirt Design Contest

Our Day of Caring event shirt design has seen a lot of change over the last 22 years. And some of our volunteers have mentioned the pride they take in their collection. We love this, and the fact a simple T-shirt can connect hundreds of people with something amazing in common: they've given selflessly of their time and talents to help others in our community. 

<throw confetti here> We are excited to showcase Sierra's creatvity and heart for others on the 2016 shirt. Sierra works at Home Life, a direct-service organization assisting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to enjoy active, productive, and enpowered lives.


Thank you to our 2016 Event Sponsors!

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Volunteers In Action

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More About Day of Caring

Why did United Way start Day of Caring? Many people have difficulty finding time to volunteer outside of work hours, but still have a great interest in volunteering. Day of Caring allows work groups to volunteer during work hours, thereby creating a team-building exercise while providing much needed labor to local non-profit agencies. United Way collects volunteer project requests from community partners in early summer. These projects are then posted for corporate volunteer teams to sign up for late-summer. United Way provides technical supports to assist partners participate and have a successful Day of Caring.

Who participates in Day of Caring? Organizations with a 501c3 nonprofit status are welcome to submit a project request to participate in United Way’s Day of Caring. Religious organizations that provide community outreach programs, such as food pantries or address education, financial stability, and health impact areas, may also submit project requests that support these programs.

Any company or group of 2 or more people can form volunteer teams and sign up for volunteer projects.

Where do volunteer groups come from? How do they hear about Day of Caring? Most volunteer groups are created through our community’s generous corporate partners who choose to participate in this community-wide event as a way to give back.  Some groups hear about it from family members or from new co-workers who have experienced it at a previous job. Others hear about it on the radio, TV, online or by asking someone wearing a Day of Caring t-shirt. You are welcome to invite your current volunteers and corporate partners to organize a Day of Caring volunteer team so you can participate with them.