Benton Area Resource Development Specialists

Non-profit organizations are often (wrongly) seen as competing against one another for funding and attention.

United Way launched the Benton Area Resource Development Specialists (BARDS) in 2008, so non-profit organizations to collaborate for a bigger impact on our community. Currently, 39 organizations serving Benton and Linn Counties are represented. As fundraising professionals, we understand the importance of local non-profits comparing notes and sharing resources. Our work together strengthens the development potential of all of us.

BARDS’s first big success was completion of its Planned Giving Guide, published in 2015. It will be renewed in early 2017.

The BARDS Planned Giving Guide contains information about many BARDS members, and is being actively used by Benton and Linn County financial institutions, CPAs, financial management specialists, attorneys and others. Entries include mission-related information about the organization to help guide potential donors in their giving decisions.

BARDS has a calendar showingi fundraisers and special events, so we can promote for one another, but also not conflict with each other.

We also have a database of members’ available resources (like tent awnings, tables and chairs, trailers, etc.) that we can share among ourselves to be more financially responsible. 

There is power in numbers, and BARDS members are working together to strengthen our donors’ and supporters’ ability to positively impact the life of our community.

You can download a copy of the most recent BARDS Non-Profit Planned Giving Guide right now.