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United Way serving Linn, Benton & Lincoln Counties 

About Us

United Way has a very simple mission: to increase our organized capacity to care for one another.

In other words, United Way amplifies the good work being done by social service agencies.

At the same time, we lead and challenge the community to find the root causes of our community’s most pressing problems, dig them out and remove them.

Your investment in United Way supports a vital and irreplaceable community-building resource.


  • United Way changes the lives of individuals by granting funds to social service organizations.

  • United Way changes the lives of populations by investing in community-wide impact programs. These are put together in collaborations with many groups after careful assessment. We work on concert for common goals, with common, measureable objectives.

  • United Way changes the lives of communities by mobilizing many types of resources for the common good. They come from individuals, workplaces, thought leaders, governments, the faith community and beyond.

Think of it as strategic planning for social services.

By engaging with United Way, whether you GIVE, ADVOCATE or VOLUNTEER, you add your weight and influence to this cycle of positive change.

The three building blocks for a better life are Education, Income (Financial Stability), and Health, but we recognize they are interrelated in each person's life.

Financial Stability underpins our ability to meet our basic needs and maintain good health. Throughout the school years, good health and financially stable homes lead to better academic outcomes. All these lead to greater personal success, family stability and economic growth.

In other words, an increased and organized capacity for people to care for one another – and themselves.

Great things happen when we LIVE UNITED!

United Way of Benton & Lincoln Counties is part of a worldwide network of about 1,800 locally run, locally funded United Ways in 40 countries. We don't share funds - but we do share ideas, best practices and lots of passion for our respective communities.

Transparency is one of our core values.

Our designation policy can be found here .

Find our recent financial statements here.