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Assessing the Assessments

This projects aims to identify all local, relevant assessments and data sources, understand what each report is assessing, and outline what information might still be required. The desired deliverable is a report that identifies common denominators across critical issues, current work, and gaps and resources across the safety net of services.

Acknowledged process challenges:

  • Validating data points (as best as possible)
  • Identifying possible data gaps, or other areas where drill down can/should occur
  • Identifying assumptions made in data collection
  • Creating shared vocabulary
  • Data is nice, but qualified analysis is the key; what story is the data telling, and what are the implications of that story?
  • Organizational capacity to do above


Identified learning / accomplishment objectives:

  • Better understanding the scope of basic needs (emergency/transitional services: food, shelter, medical care, health—all components), education, employment, childcare
  • Better understanding the scope of prevention-based (evidence-based) services
  • Transportation issues / connectivity
  • Housing issues / accessibility, availability, affordability, quality
  • Where, what are the significant gaps in service? Are they by county, by community, by demographic, etc.?


Deliverables / possible outcomes:

  • Identify existing and potential overlaps in reporting requirements across assessments, where possible streamline
  • Expand the spotlight of specific assessments to develop the broader picture
  • From the deliverable, identify priorities, and possibly a project to work on regionally


Key audiences

  • Superintendents, CEO’s, Elected officials
  • Policy makers, policy influencers
  • Grant writers / grant makers
  • State Government
  • HUD


Identified Assessments

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