Day of Action


Depend and United Way are coming together to promote healthy, active, and independent living throughout an individual's life, with a focus on volunteering.


What is the Day of Action?

The Day of Action is a day in which the community works together towards a common goal; providing assistance to those in need, partnering with community members and law enforcement and enhancing the lives of others as well as the community as a whole.  Last year, thousands of people in more than 300 communities around the world participated in Day of Action!   Join us to make a difference!


What is the 2016 Day of Action Project?

We are assembling 200 “Go Bags!”  While there is help available in Lincoln County for the homeless community and families in crisis, many times resources are hard to attain due to limited hours of operation.  Many valuable organizations such as Salvation Army and Interfaith community offer vital services to the community, but are only open specific days and are not available during the evening and on weekends.

Law Enforcement Officials and social service agencies have expressed an interest in having something available to provide to people in need until additional help can be attained in the community.
“Go Bags” contain water, food, hygiene items, necessities and resources that a homeless person, or individual in crisis could use until help is available.


Who participates in Day of Action?

ANY group or individual can participate in the Day of Action.  If you have a passion to help others and make a difference, join United Way on June 21.  Click the links below to sign-up.


Why should I participate in Day of Action?
  • Working together, we can strengthen our community through volunteerism. 
  • For those of us who donate dollars, this is a great way to SEE your dollars improving lives.
  • Did you know people who have volunteered have a 27% higher chance of being hired?


How does Day of Action strengthen our community?

Assembling “Go Bags” for people struggling in Lincoln County will not only help individuals and families throughout the community, but also provide assistance to local law enforcement and social service agencies who work tirelessly to help those in need.


How do I sign up as a volunteer for the Day of Action?

Two #DOAction locations are scheduled:  

Lincoln City - South Town Warming Facility – 9:30am – Noon
Volunteer for Lincoln City – Day of Action

Newport – Salvation Army – 9:30am – Noon
Volunteer for Newport – Day of Action